Mecaer Aviation Group

Mecaer Aviation Group

Headquartered in Italy, Mecaer Aviation Group (MAG) employs approximately 50 workers in Pennsylvania at its large maintenance, completion and outfitting facility at Northeast Philadelphia Airport (PNE), which supports a variety of helicopters in use, for business and other reasons, throughout the Northeastern United States, and beyond.

And it’s facilities like Mecaer that highlight the global reach of business aviation, as well as its local impact.

In addition to system integrations for U.S. and Canadian operators for executive and emergency medical transport helicopters, MAG-Philadelphia also installs the interiors for helicopters manufactured by AgustaWestland.

“We are also a Part 145 repair station that performs maintenance and customization work on the entire AgustaWestland line, includes maintaining the Department of Maryland State Police helicopter fleet, as well as for Bell and Airbus Helicopters rotorcraft,” said Grayson Barrows, sales and marketing director for Cabin Comfort Systems at MAG.

In recent years, Mecaer has become more active in repurposing existing helicopters for new missions, such as outfitting one helicopter to perform medevac flights. “By matching the aircraft to the mission, we help operators increase their utilization here and abroad,” he added.

According to a 2011 Economic Impact of Aviation in Pennsylvania study, the state’s general aviation airports support 8,548 jobs and sustain a payroll of over $339 million, with a total annual economic impact of $1.3 billion.

Mecaer’s Philadelphia operation complements the company’s other North American facilities in Dallas, TX; Hagerstown, MD; and Montreal, Canada.