New No Plane No Gain Infographics Show Business Aviation is Essential

A recent NBAA/GAMA survey, conducted by Harris Poll for the two associations’ No Plane No Gain advocacy campaign, once again puts forward the true face of business aviation, confirming that business airplanes are utilized mainly by small and medium-size companies to maximize employee efficiency and productivity, while providing travel schedule flexibility.

Now, with newly available “infographics” based on the survey, industry stakeholders can share these facts with others in a visual way, highlighting through catchy imagery the value business aviation brings to citizens, companies and communities across America. Like all effective infographics, these use charts, diagrams, illustrations and other elements to present information in a visually striking way.

View the infographics on the No Plane No Gain website.

“The No Plane No Gain advocacy campaign has produced a wealth of numerical data and other information to detail the important role of business aviation in job creation, business efficiency, humanitarian efforts and much more,” said Dan Hubbard, NBAA senior vice president, communications. “That said, sometimes data is best explained in a visual format, especially when it’s being shared through social media channels, like Facebook and Twitter. These infographics are designed to be used to make a simple, clear, straightforward case for business aviation, especially in the online context.”

The Harris survey that provides the basis for the infographics – entitled “The Real World of Business Aviation: A 2015 Survey of Companies Using General Aviation Aircraft – was based on questions asked 323 pilots and aviation managers of turbine-powered business aircraft, as well as 132 business aircraft passengers.

The results of the survey show that:

  • Most companies using business aviation are small companies
  • Most companies using business aviation have only one airplane
  • Many business aircraft are largely flown to towns with little or no airline service
  • A primary driver of business aircraft use is scheduling flexibility
  • Top management is on board business aircraft less than half the time
  • Employees use their time on company aircraft to be highly effective and productive
  • Many business airplanes are used to fly humanitarian missions

The Real World of Business Aviation is part of a suite of advocacy tools, developed under the No Plan No Gain joint advocacy campaign, for use by NBAA members and other industry advocates when educating policymakers and opinion leaders the industry’s size and significance to the nation’s economy and transportation system.