Feb. 24, 2016

Mayors from the Northeast, Midwest and South this month recognized the contributions of general aviation, including business aviation, to their towns and states.

  • Lioneld Jordan, mayor of Fayetteville, AR, said his city has a “significant interest in the continued viability of general aviation, aircraft manufacturing and community airports. General aviation airports in Arkansas contribute more than $494 annually to the state’s economy, the proclamation states. View the Fayetteville proclamation. (PDF)
  • The Jefferson City Memorial Airport has an “immense economic impact on the city of Jefferson City,” Mayor Carrie Tergin said in her proclamation, noting that Missouri is home to 115 public-use airports, serving more than 9,000 pilots and nearly 4,000 active general aviation aircraft. View the Jefferson City proclamation. (PDF)
  • With Dillant-Hopkins Airport playing an important role in the vitality of Keene, NH, Mayor Kendall Lane is proclaiming March 2016 as General Aviation Appreciation Month in that city. “General aviation not only supports New Hampshire’s economy, it improves overall quality of life,” the proclamation reads. View the Keene proclamation. (PDF)
  • Jon Mitchell, mayor of New Bedford, MA, noted that the New Bedford Regional Airport has seen an increase in economic impact of 23 percent in the past four years, with an additional 60 jobs added at the facility. View the New Bedford proclamation. (PDF)
  • Rolla National Airport is one of the more than 100 public-use general aviation airports in Missouri, said Rolla Mayor Louis Magdits, IV, in a recent proclamation. General aviation airports in Missouri support an economic impact of more than $857 annually. View the Rolla proclamation. (PDF)
  • Teterboro Airport is one of 43 public-use airports in New Jersey, which together contribute more than $1.7 billion to the state’s economy, Teterboro Mayor John Watt noted in his proclamation. The airport, he said, has “an immense economic impact on the borough of Teterboro.” View the Teterboro proclamation. (PDF)

All of the proclamations also noted, “The nation’s aviation infrastructure represents an important public benefit, and congressional oversight should be in place to ensure stable funding of the system.”