Aug. 10, 2016

This summer, local officials across the country are recognizing the benefits of business aviation to their towns and surrounding regions. To date, hundreds of lawmakers from around the country – representing all 50 states – have issued proclamations about the industry.


Mayor Nicholas Helmer, of Prospect Heights, and Mayor Andy Ezard, of Jacksonville, each recently issued proclamations. Illinois has 98 public-use general airports, which support 14,117 general aviation pilots and 5,661 active general aviation aircraft.

“General aviation not only supports Illinois’ economy, it improves overall quality of life,” the proclamations read.


Hopkinsville Mayor Carter Hendricks noted that general aviation in Kentucky contributes more than $1.6 billion to the state’s total economic output, and residents of the city have a “significant interest in the continued vitality of general aviation, aircraft manufacturing, aviation educational institutions, aviation organizations and community airports.”

North Carolina

The Charlotte-Monroe Executive Airport has a significant economic impact on the city of Monroe, Mayor Bobby Kilgore said in his recent proclamation. North Carolina is home to 62 publicly-owned general aviation airports serving more than 13,700 active pilots.

South Carolina

“Airports support and assist South Carolina in many ways, including recreational flying, providing a gateway to communities and tourist attractions, accommodating agricultural spraying, supporting air cargo and air freight shipments, helping law enforcement, supporting the military and its operations, providing access in times of emergency and supporting medical needs and the medical profession,” reads a proclamation from Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg and Orangeburg Mayor Michael Butler.

“Aviation is a multi-billion dollar industry [and]…supports more than 70,000 jobs,” they added.


Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke and Winchester Mayor Terry Harrell said their state depends on general aviation, including business aviation and boosts a robust network of 79 public commercial and general aviation airports serving more than 12,000 pilots and 4,000 general aviation aircraft.


The Ocean Shores City Council, along with Mayor Crystal Dingler, are recognizing Aug. 27, 2016 as General Aviation Appreciation Day, noting that Ocean Shores Municipal Airport was incorporated in 1970 and the current airport location was developed in 1978.

“The Ocean Shores Municipal Airport brings tourists and visitors to our city, serves and supports PAWS by transporting animals to needed areas and serves as a transit point for our military transport helicopters,” the proclamation states. View the Ocean Shores proclamation. (PDF)

Odessa Mayor Lois Hubbard also issued a proclamation this month, noting the general aviation in Washington contributes more than $3.1 billion to the state’s economy. View the Odessa proclamation. (PDF)