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What Others Are Saying

Companies big and small tell lawmakers that business aviation makes a life and death difference to their business.  Major organizations representing small- and medium- sized towns agree.   See what others are saying:  

“Berkshire has been better off by me having a plane available, to go and do deals or whatever it may be. Net, it’s a plus – we’ve done things I would not have done if we hadn’t had a plane.”
        - Warren Buffett, Chief Executive Officer, Berkshire Hathaway, CNBC

“If two companies are competing for business, the one using a business aircraft can fly directly to one of those smaller airports and get to lunch with the client before the other guys taking the commercial airlines show up.”
       - William Garvey, Column - The New_York_Times

“We've got to get away from the symbolism of corporate fat cats smoking a big cigar on a golf course and instead think about the symbolism of people meeting and thinking together and creating ideas and building their cultures.” 
       - Arne Sorenson, Chief Financial Officer, Marriott, The Washington_Post

Chief executive Bill Marriott plans to speak with key lawmakers to plead the industry's case -- that business travel shouldn't have a negative connotation, especially considering the many hundreds of thousands of people employed in the industry, company officials said. After all, group bookings and business travel accounts for 80 percent of Marriott's business.
       - The Washington_Post 

 "We think it's time the other side of the story be told, and that support be given to those businesses with the good judgment and courage to use business aviation to not only help their businesses survive the current financial crisis, but more quickly forge a path toward an economic upturn."
       - Jack Pelton, President & CEO, Cessna, The Wall_Street_Journal

"The vast majority of the time, these jets are flying offices, where people can conduct business and have confidential discussions that could never occur on a commercial jetliner.”
       - Ed Bolen, President & CEO, National Business Aviation Association, The Wall_Street_Journal

 “Across the industry, new orders for private jets have almost evaporated, and hundreds of existing customers have sought to defer or cancel orders that were placed in higher-flying days. In addition to layoffs, some jet makers have cut production by as much as 56%. Cessna, a unit of Textron Inc., is laying off more than 4,600 people, or roughly a third of its work force, to cope with the sudden drop in demand for private airplanes of all sizes.”
       - The Wall_Street_Journal

“Brownback said the private planes allow employees of small and medium-sized businesses to travel conveniently to places many commercial airlines don't serve. Only 500 of the 5,000 airports nationwide are served by commercial airlines, he said.”
       - The_Wichita_Eagle

“Study after study shows that companies that own business aircraft handily outperform competitors in the same field that don’t use business airplanes.”
       - Thomas B. Haines AOPA Pilot Editor, AOPA_Pilot_Blog

"The executive of an important company has immense responsibilities. His or her time is precious. To waste that time in an airport security line or dealing with flight delays is, quite frankly, a sin against the stockholders. Flying on a private plane is not a decadent act -- it is just a way to move a very valuable asset around to maximize its productivity. To keep executives from using these planes is as foolish as not allowing them to use cell phones or computers.”
       - Ben Stein, actor, author, and attorney,


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