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Studies Show Business Aviation Drives Success

And we’ve got the numbers to prove it.

Here are the exhaustive studies to back up every fact about business aviation’s economic impact and benefits to your company’s bottom line.

The Impact of General Aviation on State and Local Economies – State Reports
Highlighting to elected officials the more than $150 billion in annual economic output from general aviation, including business aviation, is a hallmark of the No Plane No Gain advocacy campaign. It's also the motivation behind a new study released by the Alliance for Aviation Across America that breaks down the industry's economic impact throughout all 50 U.S. states. The study summarizes the findings of the Alliance's Economic Impact of General Aviation web resource into a single document to be shared with lawmakers, local officials, and other national opinion leaders.

Business Aviation: An Enterprise Value Perspective
This study, conducted by NEXA Advisors, shows that by a host of measurements, companies using business aviation outperform those without aircraft. According to the study, business aircraft users had a dominant presence, on average of 92 percent, among the most innovative, most admired, best brands and best places to work, as well as dominating the list of companies strongest in corporate governance and responsibility. The report also finds that business aviation alone is the only asset capable of accelerating strategic transactions and therefore providing a competitive edge to top-performing companies.

The Real World of Business Aviation: A Survey of Companies Using General Aviation Aircraft
The survey, conducted for GAMA and NBAA by Harris Interactive, concludes that a typical company in the business aviation community is a small or mid-sized business flying a single aircraft. The aircraft is used by a broad mix of employees to make business trips, utilizing community airports often with little or no airline service.

Business Aviation: An Enterprise Value Perspective - Small and Medium Size Enterpirses
This study, conducted by NEXA Advisors, examined whether the use of business aircraft provided benefits to small and medium businesses, measured in terms of shareholder and enterprise value. NEXA Advisors applied the same methodologies in its first volume "Business Aviation: An Enterprise Value Perspective," published in 2009. With this study, NEXA has extended its sample size to examine small and medium enterprises that used business aviation to better compete and grow their businesses. The analysis showed that small and medium companies in America that used business aviation consistently outperformed nonusers.

NBAA Business Aviation Factbook

The 2010 Business Aviation Fact Book offers a clear and thorough presentation of the broad scope and value of the business aviation industry, with real-world information and data about its value to citizens, companies and communities across the country. Presented in charts, tables and brief descriptions, the data in the publication is gathered from respected sources such as the Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Commerce and industry surveys. Also included in this all-new edition are a number of NBAA Member Company profiles describing the types of companies and professionals that use business aircraft.

New Study Highlights Business Aviation Value to Local, State, Federal Governments
A study entitled, Government Use of Aircraft: A Taxpayer Value Perspective, shows that local, state and federal government use of business aircraft increases agency or departmental efficiency, providing significant taxpayer value.  According to the study, “government use of aircraft provides taxpayer value by providing public safety and security, supporting more efficient, effective government, protecting public health and welfare, facilitating economic growth, improving tax dollar efficiency, promoting good government relations, and improving compliance." This new study is the third in the Business Aviation Users study series completed by NEXA Advisors, LLC.

Business Aviation: Maintaining Shareholder Value Through Turbulent Times
A new study, entitled, "Business Aviation: Maintaining Shareholder Value Through Turbulent Times," shows that more U.S. companies started using business aviation during the "Great Recession" than before it, and that those companies using business airplane were better inoculated from the recession's effects than those that did not use a business aviation. The new study is the fourth in a series on business aviation conducted by NEXA Advisors for the No Plane No Gain campaign.

Business Aviation and the World's Top Performing Companies
The 2013 NEXA Advisors study reports that business aircraft purchases outside North America have grown significantly, and these growth rates strongly correlate with growth of the value of the top performing companies that use business aviation in these regions.

Business Aviation In Today's Economy: A Shareholder Perspective
Commissioned by NBAA and GAMA, this study, conducted by analysts for Arthur Anderson, thoroughly explores the benefits of owning a small aircraft for business purposes. The study finds that "business aircraft can make a substantial difference in how a company performs its mission, in many cases generating significant gains in the drivers of shareholder value."

Business Aviation In Today's Economy: A guide to the analysis of business aircraft use...

This study "identifies the range of business aircraft utilization strategies," available to companies and assesses whether each type of use benefits a company "in the form of greater shareholder value." The study explores the specific benefits business aircraft provide not only to a company's shareholders, but to its employees.

Survey of Companies Using Turbine-Powered General Aviation Aircraft for Business Transport
This survey, completed in 1997, explores the wide variety of benefits general aviation has for businesses across the country. Among other valuable findings, the survey concludes that passengers on business aircraft often include technical staff, middle management and customers.

Study: General Aviation's Contribution To The U.S. Economy
The result of a collaborative effort between the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) and the National Association of State Aviation Officials (NASAO), this 2006 study contains statistics regarding the direct and indirect economic impact of general aviation on the United States.

Business Aircraft Operations: Financial Benefits And Intangible Advantages
Developed by PRC Aviation in 1990, this study determines the cost savings for companies using business aircraft when it is the best alternative to use of commercial airlines. The study confirms that the advantages of business aircraft use in such situations can help minimize idle periods for employees and help deliver workers to an airport located in close proximity to a business destination, helping make the best use of their time.

1999 NBAA Business Aviation Study by J.D. Power And Associates
This presentation by J.D. Power and Associates investigates the trends in aircraft utilization by organizations.

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