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The essential role business aviation plays for communities, companies and citizens is thoroughly, but concisely explained in the "one-page" documents below, which can be used to educate anyone who wants a better understanding of the industry's importance.

docBusiness Aviation: A Critical Part of Success For Companies Across America  

This document provides the questions most often asked by news organizations and other sources about the need for business aviation. The answers provided explain how business aviation helps companies of all sizes remain nimble, competitive and successful, especially in a difficult economic climate.

docWhy Companies Utilize Business Aviation  
Business experts, civic leaders from small and mid-sized towns and others have long known that business aviation is fundamental to the economic development of communities that lack robust commercial service. It is also a key part of the nation's manufacturing base. Business aviation is a vital link in the nation's transportation system and a primary engine of our economy. This document succinctly explains why companies of all sizes, all across the U.S. rely on business aviation to compete and succeed.

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