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Wichita Eagle
Anthony Foxx and Sen. Jerry Moran: Support aviation industry
Aug 20, 2015
In an op-ed, Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx and Kansas Senator Jerry Moran recognize the important impacts of general aviation in Kansas. They note that the general aviation industry, including business aviation, contributes $7 billion annually to the Kansas economy, and supports emergency medical services, firefighting, forestry and wildlife management, among other industries. 

No Plane No Gain
Internship Opens Student’s Eyes to Potential Careers in Business Aviation
Aug 17, 2015
Skylar Nicol, a 21-year-old Texas State University student, has been learning about the multitude of tasks in the buying, selling, and marketing of business aircraft as part of an internship with Jet Quest. The business aviation community provides excellent resources and opportunities for students to pursue highly-skilled, well-paying careers in business aviation.

Chattanooga Times Free Press
West Star Aviation investing $22.5 million at Chattanooga Airport
Aug 17, 2015
A new business jet repair and service facility in Chattanooga, TN is expected to create up to 225 high-wage jobs.  Read here about this new, local economic driver, which is has been recognized by the Tennessee Commissioner of Economic and Community Development and the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce.

Los Angeles Daily News
Van Nuys Airport’s new customs house clears nearly 100 international flights
Aug 13, 2015
The Van Nuys Airport, one of the nation’s largest business aviation airports, has opened a new Customs facility, providing local jobs and greater access for business. The airport, the region’s largest employer, provides more than 12,000 jobs, $1.3 billion in business revenue and $80 million in local taxes.

Hickory Record
Local airport a draw for business and pilots
Aug 08, 2015
Business aviation provides jobs and economic opportunity for Hickory, North Carolina. According to the Catawba County Economic Development Corporation, “Small businesses use general aviation to conduct business – especially when they need to go 300-400 miles away, which is very difficult to do commercially.” 

No Plane No Gain
NBAA's Sanderson Farms Profile Goes Viral, Reveals Airplane's Value
Jul 24, 2015
Often the No Plane No Gain campaign touts the value of business aviation using statistics and economic impact figures, but sometimes the evidence of business aviation's impact, such as in the case of Sanderson Farms, a chicken producer based in Laurel, MS, can be more personal.

The Kansan
Fueling the Economy
Jul 06, 2015
Business aviation has a tremendous economic impact throughout the country. At Newton City/County Airport in Newton, Kansas, general aviation, including business aviation, contributes $56.9 million in economic impact to the local community.

No Plane No Gain
NBAA’s Regional Forum Highlights Industry’s Value, And Need for Mobilization
Jun 26, 2015
Recently, NBAA hosted a Regional Forum at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey bringing together business aviation community members from across the country for networking and educational sessions. One topic highlighted was the No Plane No Gain campaign, along with the economic and employment impacts of the business aviation industry.

Tulsa World
Danny Morgan: General Aviation: Assisting the Oil, Gas Industry and Rural Communities
Jun 17, 2015
Business aviation allows Morgan Well Service to quickly reach oil rigs to conduct repairs and installations, which reduces downtime and keeps operations running on schedule.  In Oklahoma, general aviation, including business aviation, has a total economic output of more than $2.5 billion.

General Aviation Takes Economy to Great Heights in Nebraska
Jun 15, 2015
General aviation, including business aviation, plays an important role in businesses across Nebraska. In May, Governor Ricketts and Mayor Stothert of Omaha both declared the month to be general aviation appreciation month, recognizing the $1.2 billion the industry contributes to the state’s economic output annually.

No Plane No Gain
Nevada Congresswoman Makes Clear: No Plane, No Gain
Jun 11, 2015
A daylong aviation symposium in Las Vegas, sponsored by Rep. Dina Titus, emphasized key themes of the No Plane No Gain campaign regarding the importance of aviation to local economies, and the need to attract and retain more aviation-related businesses in Nevada.

Aviation Pros
Gulfstream Long Beach To Expand, Add Jobs
Jun 08, 2015
Business aviation continues to grow in California, as Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. announced it is expanding at its Long Beach Airport site, which will create at least 50 new jobs in the local community. Across the country, general aviation, including business aviation, supports more than a million American jobs.

No Plane No Gain
As In The U.S., No Plane No Gain Message Resonates In Europe
May 27, 2015
The 15th Annual European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE2015), held May 19-21 in Geneva, Switzerland and jointly hosted by the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) and NBAA, featured the message of the importance of business aviation to companies and communities, and to the rebounding European economy.

McCook [Nebraska] Gazette
General Aviation’s Importance to Our Area
May 19, 2015
General aviation, including business aviation, plays a key role in McCook, Nebraska. A recent opinion piece in the local paper expresses the services, jobs and economic benefits of business aviation within the community.

No Plane No Gain
NBAA Flyer Encourages Students to Consider Business Aviation Careers
May 14, 2015
A convenient and informative handout published by NBAA encourages these students to "Consider a Career in Business Aviation,” and provides a means to engage them in discussions about possible job opportunities in the industry. The importance of business aviation in creating high-skill, high-wage jobs is a central theme of the No Plane No Gain campaign.

No Plane No Gain
Webinar Highlights No Plane No Gain Themes to State Legislators
May 07, 2015
In a recent webinar hosted by the National Conference of State Legislatures, Selena Shilad, executive director for Alliance for Aviation Across America, and California Assemblyman Jim Patterson, who also serves as co-chair for the first Aviation Caucus in the state legislature, emphasized the value of general aviation, including business aviation, to businesses, communities and local economies across the country. In total, general aviation contributes $219 billion in annual economic output and supports 1.1 million jobs.

Lawrence Airport Pumps Over $30M Into Mass. Economy
May 07, 2015
More good news from the Bay State. According to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, business aviation activity in Lawrence, MA supports a $30 million annual economic impact to the local community.

No Plane No Gain
May 8th Flyover to Mark Importance of Nation’s Aviation Industry During WWII
Apr 29, 2015
No Plane No Gain co-founders NBAA and GAMA are among the sponsors for the Arsenal of Democracy: World War II Victory Capitol Flyover, featuring a diverse array of World War II-vintage aircraft. The Flyover will be held on May 8, the 70th anniversary of VE Day, in Washington, DC.

No Plane No Gain
No Plane No Gain Messages ‘Liked,’ Re-Tweeted on Social Media
Apr 23, 2015
NBAA and GAMA, co-sponsors of the No Plane No Gain advocacy campaign, utilize a strong web presence and innovative uses of social media to spread positive messages about the importance of business aviation. This approach has led the campaign to be among the most dynamic, responsive and fastest-growing online industry-advocacy resources.

Lansing State Journal
Don Weishuhn: General Aviation Boosts Michigan Business
Apr 11, 2015
Don Weishuhn, Vice President of AMcomm Telecommunications, uses his plane to visit company construction sites and meet with clients in Michigan and throughout the Great Lakes region. Business aviation helps him manage multiple installations more efficiently and ensure that project deadlines are being met. 

No Plane No Gain
Chinese Aviation Stakeholders Embrace Themes of ‘No Plane No Gain’
Apr 10, 2015
Business aviation not only benefits citizens, companies and communities in the U.S., but around the world – a reality that will be highlighted at the 2015 Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (ABACE2015) from April 14-16 in Shanghai, China.

Aviation Pros
Florida Leaders Celebrate General Aviation’s Economic Contributions at Job Rally
Apr 08, 2015
The General Aviation Manufacturers Association, a co-sponsor of the No Plane No Gain campaign, held a job rally in Florida to celebrate the significant economic impact of general aviation in the state. According to GAMA, general aviation, including business aviation, has an economic output of more than $12 billion in Florida.

No Plane No Gain
Scottsdale Airport Video Highlights Economic Value of Airport, Business Aviation
Apr 02, 2015
According to a new economic impact study, aviation operations at Scottsdale Airport contributed approximately $536 million in economic impact to the local community. This is just one more example of business aviation supporting jobs and economic growth at the community level.

Bolen Response to Huffington Post
Apr 01, 2015
NBAA’s Ed Bolen responds to mischaracterizations about business aviation offered by a U.S. Senator in a piece recently published in Huffington Post. Business aviation, Bolen’s response says, supports 1.1 million American jobs and accounts for $219 billion in economic activity each year.

The Arizona Republic
Study: Scottsdale Airport had $536M Impact in 2014
Mar 31, 2015
Business aviation is an economic engine for many communities across the country. Business aviation in  Scottsdale, Arizona generates $536 million in total economic benefits and supports more than 3,400 jobs.

The Recorder
Bedaw/My Turn: Economic Impact Takes Flight From Orange Airport
Mar 30, 2015
A recent report by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation highlighted the economic benefits of business aviation. In Orange, Massachusetts, business aviation supports a $13.9 million annual economic impact to the community.

The Washington Post
The Benefits of Flying Private
Mar 25, 2015
NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen sets the record straight about business aviation in a letter to the Washington Post, where he emphasizes the diversity of business aviation and its value as a productivity-enhancing tool.

Morrow County Sentinel
General Aviation: Business Tool and Community Lifeline
Mar 20, 2015
Ohio entrepreneur Lou Luttrell utilizes a business airplane to help manage his RV dealerships across the state, allowing him to replenish his showroom inventory and save valuable time.Business aviation helps thousands of companies like Luttrell’s operate more efficiently, productively and successfully.  

NBAA’s Bolen Sounds No Plane No Gain Themes At Aviation Policy Debate
Mar 18, 2015
At a recent aviation policy debate in Washington, D.C. NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen highlighted the importance of business aviation to companies based in communities lacking commercial airline service.

The Hill
Aviation System Modernization: Let’s Get the Facts Straight
Feb 26, 2015
NBAA’s President and CEO Ed Bolen sets the record straight about business aviation in a response to a piece in The Hill, which negatively characterized the industry. Bolen’s informed response points out the benefits of business aviation to citizens, companies and communities.

No Plane No Gain
Influence of No Plane No Gain Continues to Grow at Campaign’s Sixth Anniversary
Feb 19, 2015
This week, No Plane No Gain celebrates six years of informing the public, including the media, elected officials and key opinion leaders, about the value and contributions of the business aviation industry. 

Aviation Pros
Industry-Wide Study Shows General Aviation Continues to be Major Contributor to U.S. Economy
Feb 11, 2015
In a new study released by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association, one of the No Plane No Gain campaign’s co-sponsors, shows a hefty increase in the economic contribution of business aviation in recent years. Business aviation, the new study concludes, contributes $219 billion to the U.S. economy and supports 1.1 million American jobs.

No Plane No Gain
NBAA Ad Promotes ‘No Plane No Gain’ Themes to California Opinion Leaders
Feb 04, 2015
An NBAA ad, touting the No Plane No Gain themes, appears in a California publication widely used by the state's most influential policymakers. The ad reminds elected officials of business aviation's importance in job creation, economic activity and community connectivity across the Golden State.

Addison Airport
Who’s Watching Our Airport?
Feb 03, 2015
Mayor Pro-Tempore Blake Clemens of Addison, TX discusses the importance of business aviation to Addison businesses and the greater community. This interview once again reflects a key tenet of the No Plane No Gain campaign, that business aviation's impacts are broad and enrich communities. 

Pittsburg Post-Gazette
Business Forum: General Aviation Gives Businesses an Edge
Feb 03, 2015
Tom Wallace of Johnstone Supply, an HVAC distributer, uses his business aircraft to manage his six branches across Pennsylvania and Maryland effectively and efficiently. Business aviation is utilized by businesses of all sizes as a way to increase productivity.

San Jose Mercury News
Bay Area Techies Take to the Skies
Jan 31, 2015
Many entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley’s tech industry are investing in business aviation to make better use of their time. Like technology, business aviation helps these entrepreneurs to be more efficient, productive and successful.

Twin & Turbine
Nothing Else
Jan 23, 2015
Citing the message of the No Plane No Gain program, this magazine's recent editorial explains why business aviation is essential to companies of all sizes, all across the U.S.A. business airplane helps entrepreneurs and employees increase efficiency, productivity and flexibility.

No Plane No Gain
New Study Emphasizes General Aviation’s State-by-State Impact to Lawmakers
Jan 23, 2015
A new study released by the Alliance for Aviation Across America breaks down the industry's economic impact throughout all 50 U.S. states, highlighting the value of all general aviation, including business aviation, to citizens, companies and communities.

AIN Online
Georgia Tech and Gulfstream Aerospace Partner To Train Veterans
Jan 15, 2015
The collaboration between Georgia Tech and Gulfstream Aerospace is helping veterans learn valuable tools that will allow them to work in the business aviation industry and transition into civilian life with a high-skill job.

Peninsula Clarion
Voices of Alaska: General Aviation Helps Alaska’s Farms, Businesses Take Off
Jan 07, 2015
Alaska Peony Distributors utilizes business aviation to help expand its business and keep up with demand. Especially in Alaska, where ground transportation takes a long time, when and where it is available, business aviation is vital to operating efficiently. 

No Plane No Gain: Sampling of 2010 Coverage

Since the launch of the No Plane No Gain advocacy campaign, a concerted effort has been made to deliver the message about the importance of business aviation through national and local news outlets. This sampling of national and local television coverage in 2010, highlights the campaign's effectiveness in communicating the industry's importance.

NBAA's Bolen on Fox Business Network

Click here to see Ed Bolen, President and CEO of NBAA, in an interview on Fox Business Network

NBAA's Bolen on DC's Newschannel 8

In an interview with Newschannel 8, Bolen explains that "... business aviation is prudent, cost-effective, and oftentimes, the only way to get where you're going."

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