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A Life Saver for People in Need

Through volunteer organizations like Angel Flight, Air Care Alliance and Corporate Aircraft Responding in Emergencies, companies and pilots regularly provide life-saving services to people in hard-to-reach communities around the globe.

These missions include:

    • Disaster relief - shipping food, medicine and clothing to people in need
    • Life-flight service - transporting terminally-ill patients for life-saving medical procedures
    • Emergency organ, blood and serum transfers
    • Volunteer transportation for U.S. Military Soldiers, Red Cross and National Guard units
Business Aviation Responds to Crisis

Business Aviation Builds An Air Bridge To Haiti

When an earthquake struck the small island nation on January 12, 2010, the people of Haiti were left without water, power and the infrastructure necessary to sustain life. The business aviation community answered the call for help without delay. Businesses across America volunteered the use of their aircraft, and at times their own employees, to provide relief to those in need. Small business airplanes, because of their size and ability to land in remote areas, were able to reach parts of Haiti which even under optimal circumstances are inaccessible from major airports.

For more information on the business aviation community’s efforts in Haiti, visit


Business Aviation Supports Gulf Coast Citizens

In the days following Hurricane Katrina, an outpouring of generosity and assistance came from the business aviation community in support of Gulf Coast citizens.  People involved in Katrina relief work have estimated the combined industry efforts brought 130,000 pounds of supplies into the Gulf Coast area in the days and weeks immediately following the hurricane.

Veterans Airlift Command

The Veterans Airlift Command provides free air transportation to wounded warriors, veterans and their families for medical and other purposes through a national network of volunteer aircraft owners and pilots. To date, the Veterans Airlift Command has donated over 650,000 flight miles to bringing veterans and their families together throughout the healing process. To learn more, visit

Quick Facts

Volunteer pilots fly over 118,000 hours a year on charitable and medical missions (GAMA Fleet and Flight Activity, 2007).

These disaster relief missions include shipping food, medicine and clothing where it’s needed most, transporting patients for life-saving medical procedure, emergency organ, blood and serum transfers, and volunteer transportation for the Red Cross and National Guard units.


Lifeline Pilots
Lifeline Pilots is a volunteer pilot organization that flies patients to hospitals for medical treatment.  Over 500 missions are flown per year by its 600 active volunteer, general aviation pilots.  Through this charitable organization, $800,000 is donated per year for humanitarian purposes.“Small aircraft pilots, who spend most of their time aiding small businesses around Illinois, periodically take time away to aid in saving lives.” (Peoria Journal Star, 2/16/08)
   - Keith Laken, Lifeline Pilots, Peoria, IL
ExecAir Montana and MT Aviation Trades Association
“Contracted by either state firefighting agencies or the U.S. Forest Service, pilots are called upon in wildfire season to help keep fires under control. Using their planes, pilots take aerial spotters into the skies to direct emergency and fire control services below. Changes in the weather such as increased winds or a drop in temperature are monitored closely from the skies, giving the people on the ground an extra set of eyes when the unexpected happens.These pilots work with the firefighters to coordinate ground forces against the fires, ensuring they don’t get trapped.” (Helena Independent Record, 11/23/07)
   - John Maxness, Exec Air Montana and MT Aviation Trades Association, Helena, MT

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