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Steve Kahn: “Video was ready for the Today Show the following day. There was no way I could have accomplished this last minute need without the use of my airplane.”
Steve Kahn: "My business airplane is critical because “the client wanted his production NOW, not two days from now… (and)… my total cost was well under half the cost of an $800+ airline ticket. You tell me if my business airplane is worthwhile.”
Business Profile: Edit On Hudson

In his 30 years as a video producer, Steve Kahn has yet to hear a client say, “Sure, take all the time you want. There’s no rush on this project.”

“Life in video is always a rush,” says Kahn. “Media outlets are multiplying like rabbits and the Web is insatiable. Without my business airplane, I’d miss some of the juiciest jobs.”

Kahn owns Edit On Hudson, in Charlotte, N.C.. His office is just 15 minutes southeast of Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, convenient for airline flights. But when out-of-town assignments demand speed, he’ll often drive 40 minutes in the opposite direction to reach his own airplane, a 1981 Mooney 231. It’s well-equipped for flight in most weather conditions.

“It’s my time machine,” says Kahn. “It gives me time, which equals money in any business.”

“Let me give you an example,” adds Kahn. “Several years ago, a diabetic man in California decided he was going to walk coast to coast, depending on a then-novel insulin pump that was manufactured by one of my good clients. He dipped his walking stick in the Pacific and headed east.”

Just before the marathon walker’s arrival at the Atlantic Ocean, my client got word that they might be able to showcase the cross-country walker on NBC’s Today Show. It was a golden chance for publicity, but there was a catch: video of the man’s arrival in Atlantic City, New Jersey was required.

Kahn made arrangements for the video shoot, then ran to his airplane. With just minutes to spare, he captured the walker’s arrival, getting a memorable shot of the man dipping his walking stick in the Atlantic Ocean and speaking glowing words about his insulin pump.

Less than two hours later, Kahn and his client were back in his studio, then based in New York, editing video. By shortly after midnight, his client walked out of the studio with the fully edited video in hand, ready for that day’s Today Show.

“My airplane? It’s a business tool,” says Kahn. “Could I operate without it? Probably. But my business wouldn’t be doing nearly as well.”

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